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This library acts as a collaborative site for various electronic versions of Chaucer's more well-known original manuscripts and modern versions of manuscripts of Chaucer's works. A class of students from Georgia Tech designed and crafted a physical manuscript showcasing the shorter poems of Chaucer's, along with literary analyses of each respective poem. This leather-bound manuscript is a combination of Medieval and Modern literary techniques, such as using handwritten script for transcription of the poems and using printing capabilities for the students' included essays. Illuminations and personal touches add character to this Modern Manuscript.

This digital edition allows one to virtually flip through the manuscript. The page, commonly called the "Flipsnack" enables you, the reader, to experience artistic dimensions and details that otherwise are often inaccessible in the digital world. Once you have navigated to the link, you can virtually flip through the book to see the original script and visual characteristics of the manuscript pages. To view the virtual version of this manuscript, click the hyperlink below.

Technical Analysis of Geoffrey Chaucer Manuscript

Chaucer Manuscripts

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